Friday, February 5, 2010

Video Projector Aiki I Want To Ask About Video Projector And Signal Problems That Cause Loss Of Picture?

I want to ask about video projector and signal problems that cause loss of picture? - video projector aiki

I'm a video DJ I have a dual-drive DVD tray and a video projector. Sometimes when I play the music of black screen and said that the search signal. Sometimes it once at a time that will not return at all. I tried to replace different types of video projectors and all the cables used. I do not know what to try. Do you have something to ampliphy video signal?

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Comicboo... said...

What you need is a digital projector! The use of an online digital coaxial cable or a cable connection from Opitical. No loss of signal is digital. And most DVD players come with one of the two compounds. Well, if that's what we do and what you describe is a faulty DVD player. With digital connections, eliminate all the problems would be.

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