Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dhea Ivf Has Anyone Taken DHEA Supplements To Increase Egg Quality Prior To IUI Od IVF?

Has anyone taken DHEA supplements to increase egg quality prior to IUI od IVF? - dhea ivf

With a high FSH, endometriosis, and after a miscarriage, my RE said that DHEA supplements improve egg quality. Has anyone used this, the results are positive, side effects and how long before conception, the next attempt, you have to take them?

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I have, but there are some women I know who suffers. Check and / or and I know there are many questions about DHEA.

I have a high FSH, over 14 years. I Wheatgrass (herb powder Amazing Whole Foods) 1st. daily for 3 months. I also started acupuncture and took the fish oil. My first 3 IVF attempts, I had some pretty poor, and some embryos. After supplements and acupuncture has dropped off my FSH to 8 and my embryos were "Beautiful". I met many women in the fertile mind taking wheat grass only when there was a dramatic improvement in the quality of the embryo. I say go for DHEA! I wish I could find, but I read about a woman, the embryos of poor quality and RE had said to use egg donors. He decided to try once more with their own eggs. Took DHEA for 3 months and RE said resembled eggs eggs for 20 years. I know that (this clinic, the site of a clinic where) I read this story and now uses the protocol of DHEA in some patients.

I really hope you will find your answer! IYou can find more information about the websites! You can find or create a free account and post. Women are amazing! ... ...

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