Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Strep Throat Adult Strep Throat In Adults.. Need Insight?

Strep Throat in Adults.. need insight? - strep throat adult

He recently went to an emergency that I had a fever was so high that it was shake my sense of balance - with the drug was 104, when I focused on the urgent attention. My throat was painful, but not super bad. They have a test and tested positive for HIV, so I have 2 days worth of antibiotics and neck seems worse, the fever finally broke today. The worst thing is the accumulation in the neck (white matter) is the cause of my gag reflex kick in, so now I was vomiting. I gargeled salt water, there is nothing I can do to help this? I take amoxicillin no idea how long things disappear pain (and white in the throat)?


JayM said...

Streptococci are usually very sensitive to penicillin or amoxicillin as a derivative. The pain should begin to resolve within approximately 48 hours. His sudden fever is a good sign, but I would be concerned about the worsening sore throat, and increased exudate. If your neck does not feel better in the morning I would like to evaluate their doctor and again. And tomorrow I think. You can drag whereas antibiotics, or at least confirm the diagnosis. Streptococcal infections can resolve without serious consequences.

frufru said...

I have much experience with the STREP, as I have on many occasions and have been so bad before. It took gargelling about 4 days, but the trick is to not put too much salt. I use 1 / 8 to tspooner salt 1 / 2 cup of water. My mother was a nurse and told me that mesurments. If you take too much can cause the throat to receive bonuses, and the pain is extreme. When this happens, it takes at least one weeks of antibiotics, and you basically have to wait outside, or throw out the use of the throat or something. I feel for you, and I hope you feel better soon. The chicken is also good, but not too hot can burn the sensitive area.

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