Sunday, January 31, 2010

Is A Medium Format Seagull Worth It Are Seagull TLRs Worth Buying?

Are Seagull TLRs worth buying? - is a medium format seagull worth it

I have many reports on this camera. Many praise the gull, and many do not recommend buying. I am looking for a new brand of medium-format camera at a very low price. I have a lot of Holga camera, with Diana +.


gator said...

Get it. Why, because although it does not give the sharpest images, the images are still decent. This is a good camera black and white film for those who t want to learn the basics of photography.

Edwin said...

It is a Chinese copy, I believe, the venerable Autocord Minolta. If you chose a TLR, interested, why not buy Autocord Minolta? You can usually find some on eBay. Mine was made in 1956 and works like new.

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